HAPPY HOLIDAYS - weave a heart and get a star from LA!

Please download early morning's Happy Holidays card. Open the pdf. Print the first page on a nice glossy paper and the second page on the back of the same piece of paper. Then follow the directions. After the holidays early morning will upload new work to the site. Thanks for a great year :) See you in 2009!

Download Happy Holidays card >

OHOOK by is a new design company based in Denmark and US. The company's first product is a simple, round hook named OHOOK. Designed by Anne Heinsvig, Christian Uldall and early morning, who also created OHOOK's identity, poster and packaging.

TIGER concept manual

together with designer Christina Nielsen, early morning is working on a concept manual for the European chain store TIGER.

tortoise general store

the Japanese store tortoise in Venice, CA is changing it's name to TGS - TORTOISE GENERAL STORE - and getting a new identity by early morning. Below is the new logo. More will come soon.

new site

early morning´s new site is up and running. Please check out the new logo, the new work and the news section.

cardboard slipcase

Designoffice's cardboard slipcase for brochures, price lists etc.

helgo - new identity

new identity for the Danish design and architecture company helgo.

new banner

new animated banner for

egg font

egg is a unique display typeface designed by early morning.The typeface is based on a
circle with a small circle on top. The small circle is then moved down so it resembles a
sunrise or a hardboiled egg cut in two.

sluk lyset danmark

On Saturday March 29 the Danes turned off their lights from 8pm to 9pm in order to increase awareness of global warming. early morning created an animation for designdelicatessen's website to address the event.